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Friendship & Anti-Bullying
At Archbishop Benson School we take a strong stance on all forms of bullying or discrimination. We believe that in the vast majority of cases bullying occurs where friendship issues are not addressed effectively when they first occur. This is why we have been very proactive in creating our 5 Steps to Friendship Code (see below)

Every year we have a whole-school Friendship/Anti-Bullying focus to empower children develop the skills and attitudes to be able to build and maintain positive relationships within our school family and beyond. 

Last year our focus was It’s Cool To Be Kind!  and you can see, in the document below, how we have worked with the children to raise their understanding of human rights, citizenship and core values.

This year our focus is “We All Bee-Long!” The children will engage in a variety of though-provoking opportunities ranging from National Anti-Bullying Week in November (our annual blue theme links to the B.L.U.E. slogan which stands for Be Lovely and Understanding to Everyone) to celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week in February


We are so pleased that, based on a rolling average over the past 3 years, 95% of the parents who returned the survey agreed with the statement - There is a good standard of behaviour at school. We have noted that less parents agreed with, or perhaps were clear about, our whole-school approach to promoting friendship and responding to bullying. At a recent Parents’ Forum, where we discussed how the school responds to bullying, parents suggested that we should include on the website some of the great resources that we use in school. The documents below outline simple but effective strategies that children of all ages can use, supported by adults at home & in school, to respond quickly & proactively to any friendship issues as early as possible. We hope you find them useful.

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