Our School Values

Our vision celebrates how our school looks and feels like!
Vision: With fun and learning (Wisdom), hand in hand (Fellowship) all things are possible (Hope)
Bible link: "I can (Respect) do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13
Do all things through Christ (Creation) who strengthens me.
Our values are the standards of behaviour we expect of everyone in our community.
We are fully committed to being a deeply Christian School
"If the church has a calling to participate in education, then it must be in a bold and decisive manner, not seeking to impose its faith but offering it as a gift to be expanded through the enjoyment all pupils have in working in a community where Christian principles are practised."
At Archbishop, we are here to model the teachings of Jesus to grow towards full humanity and to help transform lives in doing so.
Our whole school bible story is Noah's Ark.