The Curriculum at Archbishop Benson

Our Approach to Learning

We believe in a curriculum that is exciting, motivating and challenging. At Archbishop Benson we offer a rich and engaging curriculum which focuses on creativity and first-hand experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. We pride ourselves on providing a balance of academic, artistic and physical education, as well as that of social and emotional well- being which prepares our pupils for future citizenship and to be lifelong learners. We offer a wide and exciting range of extra-curricular opportunities such as enrichment clubs (surfing, capoeira, cooking etc), educational visits, themed days, sporting events, performances and assemblies.

As a church school, our values underpin all that we do in school. We wish pupils to acquire skills for life, so that they are able to apply these and have a thirst for knowledge, through enjoyment and experiencing a wealth of opportunities. We aim to prepare children fully for life in modern Britain through our curriculum and our strong ethos based around Christian values promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Curriculum Organisation

We have developed a creative, enquiry based curriculum that successfully offers a wide range of developmental opportunities and supports high quality learning. This topic- based, creative curriculum enables pupils to be highly inspired and immersed in challenging learning opportunities whilst providing a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils. Themed days, visits and visitors enrich and enhance the curriculum. Each topic is based around a key question, promoting enquiry. Themes may be chosen by the teacher or initiated by the children and are planned to cover a wide range of subjects and skills from the EYFS Statutory Framework and the National Curriculum. Staff are encouraged to be creative and flexible, and are experienced in adapting their plans during the course of the topic to suit the needs and interests of the learners.

All pupils are taught the core subjects of English, Maths, Computing and Science, and wherever possible this is integrated into the themed topic alongside the foundation subjects. Each topic is usually based around a strong Science/Geography/History theme and therefore these subjects may not appear to be taught through every theme. Religious Education is an important area of the curriculum and is taught either through the creative curriculum or as a separate lesson.

Parental Involvement

We believe that parent partnership is key to promoting learning beyond the school gates and crucial in ensuring children make the best possible progress. We pride ourselves on our open and approachable nature which encourages parents to be involved in their children’s learning. We use our VLE/ homework books to communicate expectations for home learning. Parents are regularly invited to forums to discuss their views about curriculum areas e.g. SRE and homework. Evening workshops on specific curriculum areas and Family Learning courses are provided for parents to develop their knowledge of curriculum expectations and how to support their child.
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