Parental Feedback

We always encourage parental feedback as it gives us a very valuable additional perspective on our provision & helps us to identify purposeful areas for development for the following year. Positive feedback is wonderfully affirming and encouraging for staff and governors to receive. We do recognise that some parents may not be wholly happy with all aspects of the school this year and we genuinely welcome constructive feedback too.

We are very grateful to all the parents who complete the end-of-year parental surveys as well as those parents who attend our termly Parents’ Forums We always collate your feedback to be able to share 2 key documents with you.

* The Comparative Pupil Survey Analysis document shows an overview of your feedback for the last 3 years. We are really glad that you feel so positive about most aspects of school life. We are particularly pleased with the high percentages for those statements in italics as they were areas that we focused on especially last year. We are grateful to you for indicating those areas where you would like us to do better and we have already incorporated the feedback on bullying & homework into our 2016 – 2016 School Improvement & Development Plans. We will keep you updated & engaged via the newsletter and our Parents Forums

* Our You Said, We Did feedback grid provides you with some detail on how we have proactively responded to feedback from you in 2014 – 2-15 and 2015 – 2016. We hope that you find this informative.
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